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Communication Lab course 2022-2023, Professor UNIBO:

- Basic Design;

- Modular Alphabets and Typography;

- Editorial Design.


Design Roots Workshop 2022, Professor IUAV:

- Strategic Design and Business Innovation;

- Brand & Communication Design;

Graphic Design Lab. 2020-2021, Teacher, NID Perugia:

- Lavorare in team;

- Obiettivi, Believes, Visioni nel progetto;

- Senso e metodo nel progetto;

- Portfolio liquido.

Communication Lab course 2018-2023, Assistant Professor UNIRSM - UNIBO Design, with Cristina Chiappini:

- Basic Design;

- Modular Alphabets;

- Modular Alphabets and Typography animation;

- Cool-ages: collage and images about society;

- Strike with type: expressive typography;

- Strike with type: expressive typography about climate change;

- Strike with type: expressive typography about War;

- Basic Stories: stories about special people from the world.

- Combine: Augmented Images;

- Editorial design.

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