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Communication design, Graphic design, teaching.

Design for social.

Ma mi 

A magazine for italian prisons

Identity and communication for the territory

Felicità CC

Ma mi.
The project focuses on the development of a magazine, which chronicles the life of inmates inside Italian prisons, comparing them in different contexts. The inmates of the different institutions questioned during the survey respond to a series of simple questions focused on going deeper into the theme being investigated, recounting their own experiences and providing a detailed and personal insight into life in prison. In particular, the research was carried out thanks to the cooperation of the inmates in Spoleto prison where the interviews were partly conducted live and partly through a direct correspondence workshop with the prison, always taking into account the element of spontaneous relationship with the detainees.

Felicità CC

The project focuses on the development of a research on the people of the Pesaro Urbino area, for the public administration.

With an inclusive approach we analyzed the identity

of the territory: culture, work, geography, traditions

and philosophy of life.

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