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Logotype design, Visual Guidelines



for the Controlled Environmental Regeneration

Everything starts from the Land: what we eat, what we drink,

what we breathe. Even our safety. The wellness of both the man
and the planet depends on the first centimetres of the ground,
which if looked after and respected, can have the capability

to preserve our eco-system.

ARCA is committed to balance the relationship between the man and the land, to enhance the role of the farmer who’s the keeper of it and to make people aware of, the same people who can switch from costumer to regenerator by choosing the right purchase.

"We cultivate our new future, with feet and head on the ground.
Just raw materials, we measure our food.

Food made by several hands. We are good neighbourhood.
We love learning, spreading and eating knowledge.
Agriculture perpetuates, we do not consume the nature,
we regenerate it."

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